SkiFit in London

listex-logoThis week the BeFitApps team are out and about in London spreading the word about the SkiFit app and programme to the UK ski market. The highlight of the week so far was our presentation at the Listex 2014 trade event where we unleashed the asset… Neil… who put the attendees through a very brief SkiFit class and demonstrated the benefits of ski appropriate exercises. There were quite a few wobbles in the room and definitely plenty who would benefit from following the programme!

Being away from home we have also been keeping up with our ski fitness development by practicing what we preach and using the SkiFit app in our hotel room. We are now on to Phase 2 and we found ourselves improvising with the items available in our room to do the circuit exercises:

  1. A chair replaced the water bottle in the Stirring the water bottle exercise.
  2. The same chair replaced the gym ball in the Hamstring closed kinetic chain exercise.
  3. A bag containing various heavy objects replaced the water bottle in the Russian twists and the Reverse lunge and counter exercises.

We would love to hear from anyone out there who finds themselves in a similar position and using unusual items in their exercise programme!

Today is the first day of the Telegraph Ski and Snowboard Show and we will be exploring the exhibition all afternoon. If you spot us please introduce yourself. Mention that you read this blog post and we will give you a voucher for a free SkiFit subscription!


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