3 ski fitness exercises to do while brushing your teeth

Tooth brushing skier
Previously we highlighted 4 ski fitness exercises you can do during your commute without making yourself look too ridiculous. Another part of our daily routine where we can add in some ski fitness training is when we brush our teeth. So next time you see yourself in the bathroom mirror, tooth brush at the ready, consider doing one of these 3 simple but effective exercises.

1. Wall sits with cycling leg

The wall sit is an absolute classic ski training exercise which nearly everyone will have tried at one time or another. The well known version is to adopt a sitting position with feet flat on the floor, legs bent at approximately 90 degrees and with your back pressed against the wall. You now hold this position until your thighs begin to burn. To take this classic to another level lean away from the wall slightly just keeping your pelvis and lower back in contact. Then try lifting one leg off the floor and completing a small pedalling movement with this raised leg. This increases the load and also adds a dynamic element to really challenge the weighted leg and also engage your core. See how long you can maintain good form before swapping legs.

You can also do the wall sit exercise as part of the SkiFit Phase 3 workout.

Wall sit ski fitness exercise

2. Heel and toe reaches

Balance and leg strength are vital for good skiing technique and this simple exercise will help to develop both. Stand on one slightly bent leg and reach out at 45 degrees behind you with the lifted foot. Reach as far as possible with this foot and very lightly tap the floor with your toes. Return to a standing position still balanced on one leg. Now repeat the reach behind you with your lifted foot but this time at 90 degrees to your first touch and again tap your toes lightly on the floor. Now reach forwards diagonally and touch with your heel. Finally reach forwards again at 90 degrees and make a heel touch, to complete four touches marking out a diagonal cross.
Now swap legs and start again. If this is too easy you can increase the challenge by increasing the depth of the bend in your weighted leg as you reach and you could even close your eyes during the exercise!

Heel and toe reaches are a variation on the compass points exercise which you can do as part of the SkiFit Phase 1 workout.

3. Single leg dip with sweeps

Another great exercise for developing balance, strength and endurance which you can complete in the bathroom, is the single leg dip with sweeps. Adopt a partial squat position with both legs and then lift one foot from the floor. With the lifted foot make sweeping semi-circular movements of this foot to the front, side and behind your body. Throughout the movement keep the foot flat to the floor and parallel with your weighted foot as if you were wearing a pair of skis. Repeat these movements until you begin to tire and then swap legs.
Again you can increase the challenge of this exercise by increasing the depth of your squat and closing your eyes.

You can also do the single leg dip with sweeps exercise as part of the SkiFit Phase 1 workout.

Ski fitness exercise single leg dip sweeps

So now there really are no excuses. Use that time in the bathroom to develop your ski fitness while also giving yourself a sparkling set of gnashers!

Tony Lowe