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The nerd behind the scenes who keeps the bytes moving that makes the BeFitApps programmes happen. A committed cyclist and climber Tony finds no shame in wearing lycra in public and is not embarrassed about the veins visible in his forearms!

Sumos to Musketeers, My Favourite SkiFit Exercise

Tony reflects on starting the SkiFit programme, the fantastic autumn weather and his favourite exercise from the programme… Its that time of year again and we have now started SkiFit-ing in earnest ready for the 2015-16 skiing season. Being very busy with work (I’m sure we all feel that way…) we have so far only managed two full Phase 1 workouts and we our ski fitness is quite a long way behind where it was this time last year. I also blame the amazing weather Continue reading →

How SkiFit Helped Me Fall In Love With Skiing Again

Last winter Tony had a revelation, after 2 months of ski specific exercises his old damaged unhappy knee that hated skiing now loves it!  After years of uncertainty now skis without fear or reservation! Over to Tony…  I have had a difficult relationship with skiing since the beginning. I was late to start the sport and when I did I was already suffering with a knee injury picked up in a climbing accident. This meant that my left leg was weak and vulnerable, and I was always Continue reading →

SkiFit App Update Released With Off-Line Video and iPad Compatibility

You asked for off-line access to the SkiFit workout videos and this is now available with the latest update to the SkiFit app! This facility will allow you take the SkiFit programme with you wherever you go, be it overseas on a beach holiday, to a hotel on a business trip, to your local gym, to your in-laws or even to a research base in the Antarctic (as one of our users did last year!). So there are no excuses and with the snow already Continue reading →

SkiFit8, The 8 Minute Ski Fitness Workout For Busy Skiers

We’re very excited to announce the release of SkiFit8, an eight minute ski specific exercise programme that you can do anytime anywhere! We all know we should get fit to get the most out of our annual skiing holiday, but we are all so busy rushing around with work, social events and chores etc that we just don’t find the time to do our workouts. Even here at BeFitApps we suffer from the same problem and with the next ski season now on the horizon we knew Continue reading →

My New Buddy The Kettlebell

It has been a very busy summer with far too much time spent in front of a computer and not enough time out and about having fun. Looking for a quick workout fix that I could indulge in at the end of the day or even in a short break away from the desk and under the influence of a Tim Ferris podcast interview with Pavel Tsatsouline, I purchased a set of kettlebells and embarked on Pavel’s Simple and sinister programme. As someone who has Continue reading →

How To Cycle Faster Up Big Hills – Don’t Copy The Pros!

The BeFitApps team suggested that I write a post on how to climb cols like a professional cyclist which is a topic frequently covered in magazine articles and online features. As I cycle up large alpine passes regularly, competitively and even for “fun”, they assumed I would have some secret professional tips that I could pass on which would help them to also enjoy this hobby and improve their performance in competitions and sportives. The existing magazine articles are based on the premise that if we Continue reading →

BeFitApp website membership and apps

With the recent release of the TriFit app for iPhone and Android we have also launched a new business model that separates website membership fees and charges for app based access to our programmes. This was made necessary by changes to the terms and conditions related to publishing apps on the major mobile app stores. These changes forced us to back to the drawing board and draw up a new business model that is even more attractive for our users: BeFitApps website membership is now Continue reading →

What Do Pro Cyclists Do When They Can’t Ride?

If you’ve been watching this year’s Tour de France you have probably witnessed some of the horrific crashes which have been occurring with spectacular regularity. With only a flimsy piece of lycra for protection, crashes such as these can take a heavy toll on the riders’ bodies resulting in bloody lacerations, painful dislocations and quite often, broken bones . It does seem that professional riders are impervious to pain as many will battle on to finish the stage and even complete the whole Tour in spite of these debilitating Continue reading →

Why Do Cyclists Really Shave Their Legs?

It’s that time of year again when grown men find themselves glued to ITV4 or Eurosport for hours every day watching the world’s biggest bike race unfold over three weeks in July. As the camera pans down the bunch of over 100 brightly coloured riders there is one strange characteristic adopted by these elite athletes (which is even adopted by most amateur cycling enthusiasts) that many non-road cyclists find deeply troubling. They all have shaved legs… As a long term male road cyclist I have Continue reading →

Ten Tips For Your First European Cyclo-Sportive

For most of us riding in a large well organised sportive in the French or Italian Alps is about as close to feeling like a professional cyclist as we are ever going to experience. With superb organisation, fancy starting and finishing set ups, spectators, motor cycle outriders, rolling road closures and incredible roads and scenery, this experience should be on every cyclist’s bucket list. Here are a list of tips for your first cyclo-sportive which I have learnt almost always the hard way! 1. Organise Continue reading →