SkiFit classes return to Chamonix


For those of you who don’t already know, our SkiFit online programme and mobile app started out as a way of me helping many of my local patients in Chamonix-Mont-Blanc. Running a busy sports injury clinic where I was regularly treating snowsport instructors, mountain guides and elite snowsport athletes, I quickly realised that many of the injuries I saw in the early weeks of the winter season could have been prevented. That’s why I developed an eight week fitness programme that placed emphasis on screening for and correcting dynamic movement patterns, improving strength and performance to help prevent injuries.

The programme involved participants signing up to attend two classes a week for eight weeks, it’s success was quickly recognised when I was instructing twelve hours a week on top of a busy clinic schedule, however the feedback and motivation of all those in the class made each a joy to teach.

For three years I delivered the classes myself, however as new projects came onto the horizon that meant I was spending less time in the clinic and at home in Chamonix, I was unable to continue the SkiFit classes.  My SkiFit clients were indeed upset however they benefited from having the programme online and downloadable so they could carry on the programme themselves and indeed they did all around the World. At this point I could have paid a general fitness instructor to instruct the classes, however the programme was always designed to be delivered by a sports physiotherapist. No offence to fitness instructors, but l didn’t have anyone locally that was experienced enough that I could trust to deliver my programme. Preparation for skiing classes are now being taught across the country, however some are too general, basic fitness which you can achieve from other sports and regimes. My programme was always designed for injury prevention and skiing performance.  We spent a lot of time filming each exercise individually so people can view any exercise individually whilst I explain how to do it and why we’re doing it. Again many general fitness instructors wouldn’t have a sufficiently in depth knowledge of skiing mechanics to understand why we include certain exercise and why we leave many out, again it was designed by an experienced sports physiotherapist for injury prevention.

Today as we await the first serious snowfall of the season, I’m thrilled to be bringing back SkiFit classes back to Chamonix. I’m working with two great sports physiotherapists who will deliver my programme, use the same music and put the local snowsport enthusiasts through their paces ahead of this year’s season.  SkiFit classes start in Chamonix week commencing the 14th November so if you happen to be in town contact Jackie at the clinic to reserve a place.

Finally, for anyone skiing this Winter, it’s never too late to do some preparation for your first day’s skiing, just read up on some of our previous blog posts see here

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