Fourth year of SkiFit kicks off in Chamonix

With all the excitement and success of the ‘SkiFit’ online programme and mobile app going live, press coverage and downloads, the clients of La Clinique du Sport have been eagerly anticipating the start of our own programme in the clinic this week. On Monday Neil kicked off the fourth year of his SkiFit programme, welcoming repeat ski instructors and guides, but also a crowd of new faces all getting exciting for the Winter season ahead. Demand was high for places and every session was full in only a few days, three groups of 10 each attending two classes a week. He has immediately noticed that the groups have been a little more prepared this year than in the past, many of them having started the online version and downloaded the App a few days beforehand to give them a head start.  Many within the group won’t be able to attend every single class, however knowing that they can still continue the programme whilst away with work and other commitments is a tremendous bonus. Week one has started only seven to go and with the snow line already starting to drop in Chamonix we’re pleased that we’ve chosen the right time to start getting ‘SkiFit’ for this coming Winter.

Check out the video below to find out more about getting fit for winter…

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