Life As An International Mountain Leader (Podcast)

A Chat with Emily Geldard

Emily halfway through the CCC ultra marathon (photo: J Geldard)

We had the opportunity to catch up with the busy bee that is Emily Geldard to find out more about life as an International Mountain Leader. We discover more about Emily, what brought her to the mountains, we discuss her top tips for trail running and favourite destinations to visit. We hope you enjoy the podcast and it helps the motivation in planning your next adventure whilst the lockdown continues.

Below are some of Emilys’ top tips if you’re planning your own multi-day adventure in the mountains:

Emily with friends after completing the Trail Dents Du Midi in Champéry, Switzerland (Photo: Run the Alps)

Emilys’ top tips;

  • Share the load- If you’re with friends, share things to reduce your pack-size for example; first-aid kit, sun cream and toothpaste.
  • Have the hut phone numbers – you can call ahead to say if you’re going to be late (and they can save you some dinner!)
  • Wear Merino clothing- It doesn’t smell even after a few days, and it dries fast so you are less likely to get cold when you stop for snacks.
  • Earplugs- These are essential for staying in dorms.
  • Pack your favourite snacks- Pic-nic lunches can be bought from the huts, but bring some of your favourite snacks to keep fuelled little and often too.
  • Electrolytes- These are really important, at the very least, put lots of salt on your food.
  • A small head lamp- Great for use at the hut and a lifesaver if your run ends up taking longer than planned.
  • Slippers are provided at the huts, so you just need your running shoes.

If you are not confident in planning your own trip, or looking for a little more luxury, Run the Alps can help you organise a multi-day trail running tour by giving maps and trail notes, making reservations and organising baggage transfers.

Emily is also a great writer and has written a few interesting reads over the years, here are a few links you may like;

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