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I’m a Chamonix local so I’m expected to enjoy our mountain sports every winter season, I have the wonderful opportunity to Ski, Snowboard, Ski du fond, Snowshoe with spectacular scenery and the famous Mont Blanc mountain always in the background. Over the past few years my time on the mountain has reduced as having two small boys and a successful clinic to run can put the dampers on getting out so often into the mountains. I am trying to address this balance and 2015 will be my year to schedule some valuable and essential ‘me time’. Being a founder member of the team that developed the SkiFit online programme and mobile app is fantastic, our programme has been so well received and nothing pleases me more than hearing clients rave about how they feel on the slopes after completing the programme. For me however I might not feel the true benefits whilst I’m out skiing, but I do in everyday life and in my other sports. This year I intend to start trail running and compete in a sprint Tri-athlon in our nearby Passy lake. The SkiFit programme is an ideal starter and base for getting me started on this years’ training for these sports. SkiFit is for every sport, it develops your core, stamina, balance and flexibility so don’t rule it out just because it has ‘Ski’ in the title. If like me you might only ski a few hours this season or not at all, you should try this programme. It’s a great start to your year and a good stop gap whilst we await our exciting second programme ‘TriFit’ to be launched. Watch this space and whatever your sport or interest, make time for it this year.

Jackie Maclean-Martin
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